Welcome to LINKping hackerspace!

What is a hackerspace?

The original meaning of the word 'hack' is to fix something (usually technically) in a creative way. So a hacklab is a place where you create things, fix things and learn about things for the fun of doing so. Implicit in the spirit of learning and creating is an openness to teach/share and to learn. It is not necessary to be an expert of any kind in order to be a member. What is necessary is an actual urge to learn and tinker and to do it in a shared space with others.

Are there courses or activities? What do you do?

If you want a workshop or an activity or a course - feel free to arrange it! Order of the day business is people building projects in the lab and keeping each other company and sometimes helping each other.

Saturday 8th of January there is a 3D-modelling workshop, see event calendar.
Saturday 29th of January there is a 3D-printing workshop, see event calendar.